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How does Highland Park Schools rank with the other? Well, I have the answers for you…..Check it out.


44 Free Tips To Selling Your Home for Sale

Here Are 44 Free Tips to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell. 



This 44 fail-proof list of simple, quick, and inexpensive things you can do to prepare your home for sale.  

Tip #1: Get into your car and drive away from your home. Drive towards your home the way a potential buyer would. Notice your first impressions of your home. Is the landscaping well groomed?

Tip #2: Paint your front door and mailbox. Polish your door and entry hardware.

Tip #3: Make sure your doorbell is functional.

Tip #4: Wash or thoroughly clean wood, aluminum, and vinyl sided homes. 

Tip #5: Rake leaves, trim shrubbery and trees, cut the lawn, and plant a few new, fresh flowers. Put down fresh mulch or peat moss around shrubs and flower beds. 

Tip #6: Sweep and hose off the walkways and driveways.

Tip #7: Clean the gutters and extend downspouts to prevent flooding or basement water seepage. 

Tip #8: Organize the garage. Get rid of clutter by either putting it in boxes, or pack ahead of time and rent a storage locker for your garage belongings. 

Tip #9: Check the locks of your home at the entry, back entry, and garage. Locks can give a first impression of a home that needs maintenance. And they’re the first thing a buyer sees. 

Tip #10: Clean oil stains from your driveway and garage. 

Tip #11: Clean up any litter in the yard or walkways. Remove any leaves or debris in the yard or walkways.

Tip #12: Touch-up the paint on the exterior of the home if necessary. In some cases, it pays to repaint the entire exterior if it hasn’t received a coat of paint in years. 

Tip #13: Look for any cracks in exterior plaster, and make sure they are fixed and repainted to match exterior paint. 

Tip #14: The entry way sets first impressions. So make sure it’s in great condition with fresh paint and clean floors.

Tip #15: Clear out about one-third to one-half of your furniture. You want your home to look uncluttered, and the rooms to feel open and bright.

Tip #16: Put away nick-knacks and items that make the home look overly personal to YOU. 

Tip #17: Do a thorough interior maintenance review. Oil squeaky doors, tighten doorknobs, clean and repair ALL windows, and repair leaking taps and toilets. Look for chipped paint and cracked plaster or drywall that needs repairing. 

Tip #18: It is a good idea to have all windows professionally washed. And clean all window shades and blinds. 

Tip #19: Replace all burned-out light bulbs and clean lighting fixtures. 

Tip #20: GIVE YOUR HOME A SPACIOUS LOOK. If you’ve ever toured a model home, you’ve noticed that the home is spacious and bright. Make your home look the same by:  A) Clear out stairs and halls of clutter and excess furniture, B) Clear counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, and C) Make closets and storage areas neat and tidy. 

Tip #21: Make sure your home is clean by doing the following: A) Shampoo carpets, B) Clean washer, dryer, and laundry tubs, C) Clean the furnace

Tip #22: Wax or polish floors, and glue down any seems if you have vinyl flooring. 

Tip #23: Make sure windows and doors operate properly and lubricate closet door tracks with a silicon spray. 

Tip #24: Glue loose wallpaper seams and remove soiled wallpaper. 

Tip #25: Clean around fireplaces and remove ashes. 

Tip #26: Organize all closets, pack up unnecessary items for storage, and put all toys away.

Tip #27: Make sure all beds are made, bedrooms are neat and clean, and laundry is clean and folded.

Tip #28: Consider holding a yard sale BEFORE you place your home on the market to get rid of excess items that can make your home look cluttered or small. Bathrooms and kitchen are some of the most influential areas of a home. 

Tip #29: Your Bathrooms. Repair loose tiles. Remove loose grout using a grout file, and apply new grout. Faded tile colors can be improved using an epoxy spray. Remove old tub and tile caulking with a hooked scraper, install new white silicone tub, and tile caulk.  

Tip #30: Your Kitchen. Clean ovens thoroughly. Clean cook tops and exhaust fans. Remember to clean behind your appliances. Double-check all burners to make sure they are working. Defrost freezers, and thoroughly clean the interior of your refrigerator. Remove mold from refrigerator gaskets. Empty the water collection tray under the refrigerator. Install new shelf and drawer liners.

Tip # 31: Save your receipts. If you need to make substantial repairs to your home, save the receipts in a manila envelope. This will show what has been updated in the home. How To Show Your Home For Maximum Profit. There ís a right way to show a home and a wrong way. Many homeowners lose money, or turn-off buyers because they simply didn’t know how to handle a home showing.  

Tip #32: Save those receipts. If you completed any substantial work on your home, save the receipts and ONLY take them out if someone questions the value of the work performed (in the negotiating process). Many times extra work will increase the value of your home beyond your costs. So only use the receipts if you need support to justify the work. 

Tip #33: Save those utility bills. Buyers frequently have questions about utility costs of owning a home. If you have past utility bills, you will greatly increase your credibility and help provide precise answers to important questions. Save electric, gas, water, oil, sewage, and waste management bills. 

Tip #34: Go away during organized showings. Three’s a crowd when your home is being shown. 

Tip #35: Turn on ALL lights. Illumination is like a welcome sign. 

Tip #36: Open all drapery and bring in as much natural light as possible. Buyers hate dark homes. Anything you can do to brighten your home will help. 

Tip #37: Turn off any radios and TV’s. Occasionally very soft, background music can enhance a showing. But generally, no music at all is your best bet. 

Tip #38: Plan a pleasant aroma. Cinnamon sticks or vanilla boiled in a pot of water on the stove emit pleasant aromas and make a home smell inviting. Apple and cherry wood smoldering in a fireplace do the same. 

Tip #39: Keep pets out of the home during showings. 

Tip #40: Do NOT volunteer conversation. Be courteous but don’t force conversation with a potential buyer. They want to inspect your home, not make a social call.

Tip #41: Stay positive: Never apologize for the appearance of your home.   

Tip #42: DO NOT Tag Along. It makes buyers fearful and uncomfortable. The showing Realtor knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize the features of your home.

Tip #43: Never negotiate during a showing. Let your Realtor discuss price, terms, possessions, and other items with any potential buyers. If any negotiations arise prior to an offer, politely request the buyer to submit an offer and you can consider it.

Tip #44: Protect Your Largest Investment By Getting REALTOR Representation


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Housing Market in Dallas Fort Worth Hits New Highs

Dallas-Fort Worth’s hot housing market hits new highs in latest local and national surveys

Source: Dallas News


North Texas’ housing market may be the only thing more torrid than the temperature outside.

Sales of pre-owned homes jumped 27 percent in July from a year earlier to set a record. And median home sales prices were up 12 percent last month, according to the latest local home sales data.

Dallas-Fort Worth home prices also hit a new high in a second-quarter nationwide comparison by the National Association of Realtors.

“We have had significant prices increases for almost a year now,” said James Gaines, an economist with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. “We are at the peak of the housing market in June and July.

“We expected it to be something like this.”

Real estate agents sold 9,397 pre-owned single-family homes in July in North Texas, according to a new report by the Real Estate Center and North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

That’s the largest one-month total for home sales ever recorded in North Texas.

Gaines said some buyers are motivated by rising mortgage costs.

“People are beginning to figure out interest rates are going to go up, and they are jumping into the market,” he said.

Median sales prices in July were $185,000 in the almost 50-county area surveyed by North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.

So far in 2013, real estate agents have sold almost 53,000 North Texas houses through the Multiple Listing Service. That’s 21 percent more than in the first seven months of 2012.

On average, it took only 49 days to sell a house in North Texas.

The inventory of pre-owned houses on the market fell 16 percent from July 2012 levels. There was just a 3.5-month supply of homes listed for sale with real estate agents.

Dallas-Fort Worth home prices were 11.5 percent higher in the second quarter than they were a year earlier in the report, released Thursday by the National Association of Realtors.

The D-FW increase was the largest in more than a decade in the quarterly metropolitan home price comparison.

Nationwide prices were up 12.2 percent in the same report. Home prices rose in the second quarter in almost 90 percent of the U.S. markets the Realtors surveyed.

“There continue to be more buyers than sellers, and that is placing pressure on home prices, with multiple bids common in some areas of the country,” Lawrence Young, economist for the Realtors group, said in the report. “Higher interest rates are now causing sales to level out, but the tight supply conditions look to be with us for the balance of the year in most of the country.”

The national median price for pre-owned single-family homes in the second quarter was $203,500, compared with $181,800 in the D-FW area.

The D-FW price was a record high for this quarterly survey.

The cities with the largest second-quarter price increases from a year ago were Sacramento, Calif., up 39.2 percent; Atlanta, 38.9 percent; and Cape Coral, Fla., 36.1 percent.

In Texas, the largest quarterly home price rise was Houston’s 12.3 percent gain from second quarter 2012.

Most housing analysts are projecting some moderation in the housing market next year because of higher financing costs and the surge in buying in 2013.

If you need help buying or selling a home please contact Michele Hanigan at or call/text 214-738-5555.  Additionally, you can check out Park Cities / Dallas Real Estate Services.

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